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Palliative Care

This program is for creating awareness on palliative care services among public and medical practitioners - started recently due to large unpopularity of this services in Mumbai region. Palliative care is a specialised medical care for people with serious illness. By receiving palliative care services, patients and their family can achieve better quality of lives. Project also aims to start a palliative care unit in near future after gaining sufficient support persons and resources.

What is Palliative Care ?

If you have a life-threatening condition or a serious illness, palliative care can:

This type of treatment can involve:

These services can be appropriate for people of all ages. They aim to make you and your loved ones feel as comfortable as possible. This can be done through personalized treatment plans that meet your needs and those of your family.

Interview with Dr Aswathy on palliative care

Palliative Care - Facts

If you have a life-threatening condition or a serious illness, palliative care can:

Who can provide Palliative Care?

Palliative care can address suffering experienced in all areas of your life. Because of this, a diverse team can be involved in providing palliative care. The team may include:

The type of care team and level of training they receive can vary across the country.

Where is Palliative Care services provided ?

Palliative care can be provided in a variety of settings, such as:

Some palliative care centers across Mumbai :


Our Mission

To strengthen the ability of community to provide home and community-based palliative care through involvement of education and support to healthcare professionals and care givers. Thus every individual who requires palliative care will receive it early, effectively and compassionately.

Enable a community to take on it’s palliative care needs. To support patients, care givers and health care workers through education and effective intervention.

Our Objectives

To spread awareness about palliative care in the community.

Reach out every individual who requires palliative care. Advocate for a holistic health care approach to the life threatening illness by ensuring quality of life from diagnosis onwards.

To spread awareness among the medical practitioners.

Our Values

Build partnerships across society, health professionals, organizations and sectors to meet the care needs of persons and families.

Empowerment of communities to provide palliative care across different settings—home, hospitals, care facilities and clinics.

Promote inter-professional and interdisciplinary learning and work to enhance care.


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