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Science Promotion

    SCIENCE IS A POETRY OF REALITY - Richard Dawkins    

Promotion of science and scientific temper in society is one of the major aim of MERIT. To accomplish this objective, MERIT has developed few programs as listed bellow.

 Science Lectures

MERIT provides free talks on various topics related to science at schools, colleges and other organisations on request. Lectures will be provided by experts in the filed of science and technology. Advance booking is required for facilitating science talk.

 Science camp

MERIT organises free science camps for high school students (standard 8 to 10) at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai or some other suitable nearby venues. Science camp is a full day event, organised by the experts in the field of science and technology. Concepts of high school level science will be demonstrated through a dozen of experiments and some interactive sessions. Maximum of 60 students can participate in a science camp. Students will be divided into six parallel batches in order to achieve best results by keeping one demonstrator for maximum of 10 students. Participating students can also avail continued support in terms of guidance through MERIT's online science club. School authorities and educational NGOs can apply for MERIT's free science camp.

 Science Kits

MERIT has developed about 25 portable science experiment kits for demonstrating concepts of high school level sciences to students, parents and teachers. These kits are used in science camps organised by MERIT. MERIT also provides training to other organisations for using these science kits for promoting science in thier circle.

 Online Science Club

MERIT's online science club is an upcoming program to support students and teachers to achieve in depth understanding of high school level sciences with the help of experts in science and technology. Syllabus based keywords, self explanatory images, short videos, experiments, references and various applications of each topics will be shared. Students can also interact with the experts to get their queries answered.

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